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Jun. 14th, 2016

Not so good day :(

Today is one of the not so good day, so I decided to wrote about it here, because... I don't really have anyone to blast out all these feels I had right now in my mind. It's probably going to be full of rant, probably. Please excuse me in advance.

Let's start off with the news I found out right after I woke up today. I woke up pretty late, considering there's nothing to do on this day. Clearly I am not amused with that news. I have been Park Yoochun's fan for so long now. I know I didn't show my love to him nowadays (like, I rarely fangirl about him), but I am still his fan and still still still like him a lot! To read such news, it's very hard for me. However, I bear in mind that this is how entertainment world is, full of rumours and scandals. And by that, I here, will always believe in him. I believe he didn't do such things. All of those rumours are just media play and groundless. Go ahead, tell me that we never know the real person behind the camera. F that, because I am still his one silly fan who still put my trust on him no matter what happen. Somehow, the thing that effect me is actually not the news. Emotionally I am more affected with imagining what would he felt right now. I am worried if he is alright or not. I might be delusional, but I just hope he is doing fine. Reading all those hateful comments actually hurt me as a fan, and I wonder how is he, the person who got the cricticism would feel. I really want all these people who kept giving negative comments to stop because there are still no confirmation about the news, and we all didn't even knew if the news are true or simply a false charge. Seriously, just stop, please stop!

Put it aside, I tried to cheer myself up by watching Yutori Desu Ga Nani Ka episode 9, since the raw released yesterday. The episode really got my feelings up and down again. I don't know how to describe this, but maybe I shouldn't watch that episode yet, especially with all those messed things I had in my mind. But anyway, the drama is cute as always. I still laugh and smile and cry throughout the episode okey hehe.

This evening, my brother came home with my phone, which I sent to the repair centre last week. They changed the lcd screen because the screen couldn't not detect my touch (I think I talk about this in my previous entry?). I am quite happy to get my phone back. I inserted my sim card and damn it. The screen problem happened again! I touch everywhere on the screen, but it still won't detect my touch. I AM VERY PISSED OKEY. I sent it to the repair centre to get it fixed, not to get it back the same as before I sent it there ! I feel so mad, and I am still mad right now. Getting back the phone you sent to repair that still having the same problem even after you sent it is very not helping with such mood I had today.

Especially when you already had a messed mind since you woke up.

I am trying to be positive, but I don't know.

I just don't know.

My tweets

  • Mon, 18:41: Yutori Desu Ga Nani Ka ep 9 is going on air on wednesday ?? But I'm sure I watched the 8th ep on Monday ????
  • Mon, 18:42: RT @MToriofficial: ゆとりですがなにか、ついにオールアップしました。 なんと言うか、こんなに寂しい気持ちになる現場は中々ありません。 あースタッフ、キャスト皆素敵すぎです。大好きです。 放送は残り2話。 怒濤のゆとり展開をお楽しみにです。 https://t.…
  • Mon, 18:42: RT @MToriofficial: ゆとりですがなにか8話 ~ジジィになってもあだ名で呼びあえる友達を作れ編~22:30スタート ついにまりぶもアップしてしやいやした。 寂しいなーちきしょう。 https://t.co/RxkkbrJcdI
  • Mon, 18:43: 😍😍😍😍 https://t.co/zOn3oOJclk
  • Mon, 18:44: Auwww did they wrap the filming already auwwwwwwwwwww 😍
  • Mon, 18:46: They had the best actors line up 😭😭😭 I'm gonna miss seeing all of them together for sure 😭😭😭

Jun. 3rd, 2016

My tweets

  • Thu, 23:03: New dp because it's the time for new bae ~
  • Thu, 23:13: Cannot move on huwaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Thu, 23:14: I really need to follow more japanese drama fans and johnnys ent fans, because.... I feel so lonely T^T
  • Thu, 23:17: Anyone who loves japanese dramas or johnnys ent idols, where are you~ Let's be friends~
  • Thu, 23:19: Korean dramas are fine too, but the last time I watch them is last year which is She Was Pretty. It was good ~!
  • Thu, 23:22: My dp so handsome so ikemen so so soooooooooo in loveee ~

Jun. 2nd, 2016

Random talks; I can't move on with new bae <3

He is sooooooo attractive.
So handsome, so ikemen. I am so in love lol  //please excuse me//

Pretty much addicted to him . //please forgive me//
I watched him in Mirai Nikki Another World, soooo cutee !
Later I watched Omoi No Koshi, even without subs, just for the sake of seeing his handsome face. And oh man, he did pole dance oh mannnn hahahaha and also, wore the bride dress, oh my god, why do I even attracted to this guy hahahaha.
Will be watching Strayer's Chronicle next, but probably not in the near future.

As I said in previous entry, currently watching the ongoing Yutori Desu Ga Nani Ka.
The actors are eye candiesssssss.
I watched episodes 3 to 7 without subs too, because it was only subbed till episode 2, and I can't wait to know how the story goes.

Say, am I a little too crazy with this guy ^////^

Just couldn't help that considering the situation I am in now.
He is like, my only source of happiness.
And for that.
Thank you.

Till then.

May. 29th, 2016

Random talks; New bae <3

Hello ~

Last few days certainly ain't that nice.
But not so long.

I found new bae <3<3<3

((picture credit to the owner, found in pinterest))

Okada Masaki is really an eye candy. Ikemen desu yo neeeee~
Watch him in Himitsu no Akko chan, but not really focused on him during that time.
Currently watching the ongoing drama Yutori Desu Ga Nani Ka. Really love the drama. So entertaining and stress relieving hehe.
My main purpose of watching the drama is actually for Matsuzaka Tori, but damn, he caught my eyes instead :3

Btw, I suddenly stumbled upon cut scenes from Hana Kimi 2007 (the japanese one)
I watched that drama before, like..... in 2010 (?) or 2011 (?) or so..... I don't exactly remember, but surely it's been a long time since I watch it. It brings back all the memories kyaa. Hana Kimi, or some people called it Ikemen Paradise, is indeed full of cool actors. Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun, Mizushima Hiro, Okada Masaki <3<3<3, Mizabata Junpei, Yamamoto Yusuke and etc etc (sorry I don't remember the whole cast). The drama where hot guys gathered together lol.

This is so random.

Till then.
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May. 21st, 2016

Hello ~

It has been awhile ~

My friends are mostly continuing their studies for tertiery level next week. I am very happy for them. One of my good friend received offer at a university at the northern side of our country. It's quite far from our current place, so I will surely miss her a lot. I actually also received an offer from a university, at the west side. One of my guy friend got offer at the same university as the one I got too. But I might not go with him because the course I received is not the course that I have interest in :( It's too bad, or else, its already good enough to have a friend going to the same uni. But but but, anyway I am pretty sure he will like it that we won't attend the same uni ((we have some sort of love-hate relationship, I don't know))

Me? I have this other uni that offers me the course that I have interest in. However, the intake date is still far from now. It's like one more month. It's kinda sad. Everyone is going to start their studies, while I am still here :(

Oh on the other hand, my old phone broke. Sent to repair it, the one who repairs it said it's going to take half an hour, later he said one hour, later he said again one day, and now it's been a week. I am kinda mad okey. Good thing is, I got a new phone. It is the iPhone5. It works well at first, but now it's been a week and sometimes the screen didn't detect my touch. I am getting more pissed now.

To make it well short, I think I am emotionally disturbed this month. With the university and phone, and few more problems. I couldn't even watch drama because of the screen problem. So stressed out.

Till then.

Apr. 29th, 2016

Just blabbing

Man oh man, I am really addicted to this two gentlemen.

((picture credit to the official wakamonotachi2014 fujitv website))

As you can see from my previous entry, I am totally hooked with Eita. His acting never bores me, his appearance melts me everytime (esp when he wore that formal suit auwwww). And now I also gotten hooked to Tsumabuki Satoshi too.
Phew I have such a weak heart towards older men.

These two aren't that type of young ikemen or 'idol-like-image' at all. They truly lived the name as actors.
At first, I wasn't really aware of these two, but then their acting are marvelous and I little by little fixed my eyes to them. Plus, Tsumabuki and Eita isn't really that ikemen where people go kyaa (considering their age). However, the more I see them, the more good-looking they become. The more I watch them, the cooler the style they got. Maybe it's just me, pardon me then hehe.

I don't know why I am more attracted to older guys rather than some people around my age.
Ha, just look at my ultimate bias Ryo and Yoochun. The age gap is huge. But I still prefer them over the newly debuted young idols nor actors.
Welp, atleast I am just being merely a fan for the truly experienced and mature guys. Don't worry, I'll never go overboard, or go super insane. Still safe ^///^

I want to watch more Eita's and Tsumabuki's starring drama/movie, but I never know when I can. Sobs.
But it seems like Eita had a drama with MatsuJun, and also another drama with Toma. Those are going to be on my next drama list heuheu. I really hope he will starred in more drama or movie soon. Surely will look forward for his future project.
While for Tsumabuki, rather than dramas, he had more movies. Most of his movies look interesting. He had a movie with Kitagawa Keiko. I'm not sure about this, but people been saying that the movie with Keiko isn't as great as expected, so maybe I'll pass. He also had a movie with TVXQ's Changmin. I might watch that because Changmin is /cough/ ex-member /cough/ to Yoochun, and the movie itself looks promising, so yeah. Oh there's other lots of Tsumabuki's movie that interest me, all with go into my next movie list too. Btw, found an article that he is going to star in a movie with Mitsushima Hikari this year (or probably next year tch). Auw yes! I would really love to see them together again. My favourites <3

Currently I am watching Seijo. Starring Hirosue Ryoko and Kento Nagayama and also Renbutsu Misako. I really can't move on with Eita, so I watched Kento Nagayama instead, because he resembles his brother a lot haha.
Oh is it only me? Somehow now I recognizes almost most of the japanese actors and actress hahahaha.
I watched the Ganbatta Awards, or whtvr the show name is, I'm not really sure tbh (but it has SMAP member in it and mostly Kimura Takuya). I am surprised that I recognized almost big part of the NG dramas they show.
And that's the moment when I realised I am such a big jdrama lover now.

So here's the blabbing of the day.
I am just little stressed out with how my life is going on right now, hence I kept myself busy with dramas and stunning actors.
I felt like writing because writing out about something I like is indeed stress relieving.

Till then.
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Apr. 27th, 2016

Another dramas entry


Recently, I had been gotten into this actor named Eita (Eita Nagayama).

((picture credit to owner, found in google images))

He's pretty old. Uh.... not really that old, but old enough if you compare his age with mine haha :p We have 16 years of age gap! Wow. But anyway, someone said that he is pretty addicting. And oh man, I can't even deny that he is another good actor that caught my attention. Japan indeed has so many worth-watching actors right hehe.
Oh before I forget, I actually went through three of Eita's drama marathon this past weeks.

So firstly, I watched Wakamonotachi. The starstudded casts in the drama are superb. I decided to watch this drama after knowing Mitsushima Hikari was in it. I really love her. A lot! Especially after I watched Gomen ne Seishun. I shipped her with Ryo's character in Gomen ne Seishun hehe. She is so cute, and pretty, and stunning. I was excited to see her again in Wakamonotachi.
Wakamonotachi is a drama about family, siblings and their romance life. While watching the drama, I gradually like most of the actors in it. By the 'most' that I mean include Tsumabuki Satoshi and Eita haha. They played the brother role really well. Oh the drama is really good by the way. I cried a lot too, the plot is just heartwarming because the bond between the siblings seems so real and close.

Done with Wakamonotachi, I searched for more Eita's drama and came across Soredemo Ikite Yuku. More Mitsushima Hikari, so yeay! Mitsushima Hikari and Eita are so cute as a couple and really good with their acting, which had resulting more cries while watching it hahahaha. The drama is so sad, and so melancholy. Oh, Kazama Shunsuke is looking very very hot anyway, eventhough he played the villian role.

After I finished Soredemo Ikite Yuku, I found out Eita also has a drama titled Saikou no Rikon. Yes, more Eita in my life haha. He did well in the drama, as expected from a good actor. I like the drama's cute ending. There's a special episode for the drama, but I only watched a quarter of them, because I saw the review on the internet, and they said the special episode isn't going to end as happy as the previous ending. Hence, I decided to drop the special episode, because I want to keep this image of the happy ending drama in my mind. ((update)) I watched the whole special episode, because I just couldn't help but to feel anxious and curious for the real ending.

And that's how I ended up having three dramas marathon all with Eita in it.
I actually googled for Eita again. He's married and had two kids. I'm so happy for him and his family! Must be really nice to have him as the daddy/husband haha. Oh he also had a younger brother. His younger brother is Kento Nagayama. I thought I have heard that name somewhere. Apparently Kento acted in Gomen ne Seishun as Ryo's character's friend and Mitsushima Hikari's character's sister's boyfriend (confusing, is it? Hahaha). He also guested on Janiben. No wonder he looks so familiar to me haha. Oh, and also, Eita and Tsumabuki Satoshi actually co-stars together in few other dramas/movie (I don't remember the titles). I kind of surprised with all of crossed path of these actors ^^ Somehow those made me happy because it seems like most of my favourite actors are acquaintance with each other. So cool! ^////^

Well anyway, that was all for now.

Till then! :)

Apr. 11th, 2016

Feeling down

I changed my userpic.
Because thats the expression I am having emotionally.
Ryo-kun is still cute nevertheless ^u^
I am not cute lol. I wish I was.

But hey, let's watch more drama ^^

Mar. 29th, 2016

My pov; Nobunaga Concerto


This entry contains spoilers, therefore if you still haven't watch the drama (and disliked getting spoilers), I already warned you here ^^

I am such a bad fangirl. I should have finished watching Samurai Sensei drama way long before, but yet, I was still at it's sixth episode T_T Ryo-kun honto ni gomen ne ~

Instead, I get stucked up with this Nobunaga Concerto huehue. Never been into historical drama before, so I think Nobunaga Concerto is my first historical drama ever (?).

Uh, actually no, it was Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Because Yoochun-oppa ^///^
However, I only went through like a quarter of the drama ((Sungkyunkwan one)) because I just don't really into historical drama lol.

To be very honest, I had this idea of Nobunaga Concerto to be a modern drama, like maybe the war period prince time machine to the modern era, but nope, it was the modern kid who went back to war period in Japan, and it's a completely historical drama by then.

Another Oguri Shun's drama hehe, I can't deny he is indeed a good actor.

Oguri Shun's acting is super amazing as always. How can a 30s acted as a highschool student, well he actually did it. Mukai Osamu is in the drama too. How cool is that. And most importantly, there is also Fujiki Naohito! Man, I just can't miss to watch this drama full with handsome and talented actors ^^ I watched many Oguri Shun's and Mukai Osamu's other dramas already, but Fujiki Naohito is the major reason I kept watching the drama till the end! Been liking him since Hotaru No Hikaru and Last Cinderella (oh his character is Last Cinderella is very very cool too!)

((gif credit to the owner, found in tumblr))

So that's how I decided to give a go with this drama. This drama is actually nice especially if you liked history (welp, I don't like history that much, only stucked up because Naohito please forgive my fangirling mode) I watched the first episode, somehow it was addicting, I kept wanting to know what's the next episode going to be like, and then I reached the last episode.

Throughout the episodes, I was mostly feeling oppressed! Like how the real Oda Nobunaga suddenly came back and wanted his position again, after all the hardships Saburo handled while being the 'fake' Oda Nobunaga'. And how Hideyoshi the monkey went up and down from trying to destroy Oda Clan to killed Oda's enemy for the sake of Oda (?) Like seriously? Is he playing the bad guy or the nice guy, I don't even know. Also on how Tsuneoki (Mukai Osamu's character) started getting bitter with Saburo after he knew the Nobunaga he had been together wasn't the real Nobunaga. Didn't he realised how much the fake Nobunaga actually had helped the Oda clan to survived all this while. Good thing, Tsuneoki actually sided with Saburo on the last episode, and treated Saburo kindly then.

It didn't stop there. I gotten more oppressed on the last episode. My Naohito character died. Killed by the real Nobunaga and that Hideyoshi. Clearly, the real Nobunaga (who use Mitsuhide as his new name) and Hideyoshi actually ganged up together for that. Come on man, I didn't stucked up till the last episode to see my favourite actor to die! But yeap, it did happen. Naohito character died T^T I am so not okey sobs. I watched this drama for you, Naohito, why must you died sobs at the very last episode, at the very last 10 minutes before the drama ended sobs sobs T^T

Uh, if Naohito's character (Hanbei-san) died before the last episode, I might just stopped watching the drama without finishing it. Hmmmm.

I actually liked Kou Shibasaki's character, Kichou-sama (Nobunaga's wife). She wholeheartedly supported Saburo, despite of knowing he was the fake Nobunaga. Well, the real Nobunaga didn't deserve her love anyway lol, just kidding.

Nobunaga Concerto, done! Oh I found out it's movie, the continue story from the drama was out last January. I might watch that too, just to know what happened at the very last Nobunaga history (though I know the drama not exactly how the real history goes)

Till then.

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