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back for awhile

Oh man I miss livejournal so much! :-(

I miss those days of my obsession with Kanjani8, Arashi, Nishikido Ryo, Okada Masaki and even Park Yoochun.

University life is indeed tiring, suffocating, and taking majority of my time, like it or not, I had to actually force myself to focus on it only. Because if I actually take it lightly, I know I will never pass my one year foundation studies there. And to have myself extend my study in that particular university for more than my originally one year schedule is definitely a big NO. Tchh.

It's not that I hate that place. I didn't like that place too. Some people are nice, but some are very irritating. I can't help but to keep innerly cursing every day (well I can't curse publicly, right?)

It seems like I missed out a lot of Kanjani8 and Arashi lately :(
I don't even have long holidays, only weekends with assignments and project. Asdfghjkl.

Even typed this in rushed way, since I still got lots of work waiting to be done before tomorrow.

Am trying to keep up as much as I can for all the stuffs I missed. But it seems like I need more time for that, and obviously I don't have that time yet.

I hope everyone is doing fine, and not miserable like me. Being miserable is pretty not fun, I tell you.

Have fun! Lots of love till I come back later ^^
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