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Typing this using a phone teehee


I am typing this post using my old phone which I got it fixed. Btw my new phone is still broken so yeah, I am still mad, but I am really not right now (you get what I mean? Hehe)

I have a new problem lol. I am such a clumsy person. I have a problem with my external hard drive. A folder is not accessible and I can't even delete the folder. I tried so many ways google people told and yet, I got dissapointed afterwards because none of the ways worked. Good thing only the folder is not accessible, while my other folders are safe, thank God! I transfers half of my files from the external hard drive to other place, just in case but still, I hope nothing happens more tho. Couldn't transfer my Kanjani8 vids and Arashi vids and tons of dramas and movies yet, because it was hugeee like 150++GB, so yeah, please don't happen any more problem pleaseeee.

I am planning to buy a 1TB hard drive, since the one I got in little trouble is the 500GB (?) one, I don't really remember. I want to tranfer all my other files to my "dont-know-when-will-I-get-probably-never" hard drive. Later then I will just format the problematic hard drive. But before that, money money where are thou~

I need to do something to calm my mind. I mightsub something. The only one I am confident to sub is the movie Strayer's Chronicle lol.Okada-kun is in it, so yeah I like him hihi. (UPDATE) I might not sub anything because my computer don't want to work with me too. It's lagging and been bugging me this whole night till I cannot even sleep. /insert sad face/

Till then.

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